4 years!

Now we have been on this amazing island for 4 years. Time flies and the kids were so tiny back then!



Insane what 4 years have done, and they have learnt more than i ever could have imagine, i’m so proud! Can’t wait to see what the future holds for us!

Time to wake them up now, last day of the holidays now, one day of school tomorrow and then for the weekend we will visit Festa Frawli, the Strawberry Festival! I’m so looking forward to it!

Talk to you later!



I enjoy taking pictures, to catch the beautiful moment. I like to add some filters as well, i’m no where near a pro so I use what instagram has to offer. Think the end result is not that bad though, what do you say?

At the moment I just use my phone but would love to learn what to use and how to take really good close ups. I like to take pictures close up, to really see the details but if i zoom to much with the phone it just ends up to blurry.

Well, one day i’m gonna learn, for now this is good enough for me (:

Bye for now

I won!

Eden cinema had a competition on facebook where one could win tickets to the movie Peter Rabbit and guess what! I won! So super happy! So today we went and saw it and the prize even had drinks and popcorn included!

I who loved bunnies loved the movie, it was so sweet!

It was nice to have some time together with the whole family ❤

Bye for now!

Id cards

Finally we made it to Valletta to renew our id cards, atleast me and hubby, kids were in school so will fix theirs later on. Now I mostly need mine and Jonas to be updated so we can apply for childens allowance, something we have had on our to-do-list for quite some time now. There is many papers requested and it was not to easy to get hold of them, they even want our plane tickets from 2014, i know i collect a lot but those are long gone! Hopefully I can apply without them, hould your thumbs!

It was a beautifull day in Valletta, sun was shining and we reached +30°c.

Now it is cosy friday here in our home, looking at Lassemajas detektivbyrå, kids favourite.

Bye for now

Keep on walking

All the kilos are still there BUT i can now close my belt AND I feel stronger..and so tierd in the evenings!!

My goal is to end at 10.000 steps in the mornings. After the walk I do my daily exercise on the roof, I do my best and feel that i’m in a good flow right now.

Also a 40second plank, that one didn’t fit in the picture above!

Now some fixing before it is time to get the kids!

Bye for now! 😊

Walking in Malta

This morning i walked to Xemxija, nice walk and a beautiful view. One has to be focused because there are so many cafés open in the morning and the smell is fantastic! Walking for a reason and that is not to have a ”fika” !

Steps are very good (:

And so is the view 😍

See where the walk takes me tomorrow! I’ll let you know!

Bye for now!

Tad the lost explorer

Today was Childres cinema day hete in Malta, whitch ment the prices today was extra good. For kids €2.50 and adults €4, so a total of €13 for the whole family. Back in Sweden that would be the pruce for just one ticket! I just love movies and to actually afford to see them at the cinema is amazing! A little treat now and then.

So today we saw Tad the lost explorer, fun movie and the kids was haooy to see it too.

Already looking forward til next time (: