If you haven’t been there i strongly recomend it. It is such a beautiful island and i get amazed everytime i go. Only been there 3 times so far but the views from wherever you are located are mindblowing!

Have a look here, pictures from Ramla Bay, the Salt Pans and a view from the ferry back to Malta.

And that’s just a few picture, so make sure to pay Gozo a visit, and don’t forget to buy some salt from the Salt pans aswell! They collect it right there, filles up the pans with seawater and after 7 days he can collect his salt, amazing!

Bye! =D



If you wanna do something fun with the kids I highly recomend Esplora Interactive Science Center! Beautiful place with over 200 things to try out. We ended up spending almost 6 hours there! Crazy!

They also have a great outdoor space for the kids to run around and play!

There are lots of puzzles to try out, i manage to figure this one out! =D

You can also find some water stations outside which the kids loved alot! You get a mission on each one and have to figure out how to make it.

Can you fit all the pieces? We gave up hahaha

Lots of stations to explore (:

Such a great place and we will defenetly go back! (:

Tickets are booked!

Now it is done and booked, me and the kids are visiting Sweden this summer! It will be great, lots of things to be done but i think we will manage in 2 weeks time. =D

Kids are wrapping up at school and in the beginning of June they will end at noon, shorter days and they are so looking forward to it! It is crazy, another scholastic year has gone!!

Now it is time to make some food here, hw’s are done and i can finally relax for the rest of the evening. Got some penecilline from the Dr to take care of my throat infection..hope to be well soon (:

Some trees!

There are some beautiful trees on Malta, just amazing! Have a look!

I don’t know the name of the one woth the yellow flowers, the purple one though is Judas tree if i’m not mistaken, just beautiful!


Made a visit to a beaitiful Marsaskala yesterday. A 3 hour walk and saw the most beatiful view! This island might be tiny but so darn beautiful!

We also collected some shells on our way home (:

We had a great day, wonderful walk and a yummy pizza in the end of the day! (:

If you haven’t been to Marsaskala yet I think you should pay a visit (: