I’ve tried so many times and they just die. But in November 2017 i put two seeds in water and now one has sprouted 😁

I’m so happy and nervous now that i might kill it.

Today we made taccos and ofc i made my own guaccamole, so now i have two new seeds to put in water. I just peal them and put in water and wait and wait and wait some more. It is not a speedy grower for sure so even more fun to see something happening!

I’m not sure though how deep in water they should be, the glas i had first wasn’t tall enough so had to change. I hope it will do!

I’ll keep you posted!


Moving around

First we had a great location but small place and expensive school. Then we found a great apartment in a not so great area, as in boring and a bit off and the school was rough too. Too many homeworks and too much maltese. Then we though we found a good place on the other side of the island, the area is very good and i LOVE the school…but the penthouse we got…not so much. No hotwater in the kitchen, not enough with hotwater in the bathroom for us all to have a shower, windows that can not be closed and a 20 year old fridge etc, many things that now makes us wanna move again.

Will we ever found our place? Atleast we know we’ll stay in the area and in the school…now we just need to find the right place. And even that is hard. Many agents to choose from, some of them get a negative atitude when we don’t like anything they show us. Sorry! We don’t want to move around any more, just find a place and stay for a long time.

So, hold your thumbs for us! I have found a place, now i just hope it will be available soon so not the tennants wants to stay another year! 😰

I’ll keep you informed =D


And the day has come when one turns 32. Got a very nice picknick basket and a pizza slizer. So i guess my family wants me to make pizza now..i’ll just take it as a hint! 🤣

We are getting better from the flue now, 3 weeks was well enough of this shit. Just some cough left but other than that i think we are soon to be done 🤣🤧

Now it’s time to build the kids lego that they got from Santa!!

Talk to you later! (:

Happy new year

So, we ended the christmas and the last days of 2017 having the flue….and still being unwell. Atleast we think it is the flue, lots of tierdness, feaver and no energy what so ever…a big waste of holiday for sure.

The sun is shining outside but it is quite windy, have opened the windows to get some fresh air through this place.

We’ve been down for almost a week now so should be over soon right!?

Christmas time

This christmas was a very special one, together with family, lots of laughter, games and fun!

Kids got more than they could carry, as always 🤣

Santa did not come to us this christmas. I didn’t find the costume so I told Kevin that I spoken to Santa, who told me that he knows he has been a good boy and that if it was ok with him that he did not come to us this year but instead stayed with the orphanges abit longer than usual. Of course since I have a son with such a big heart he understod and thought that Santa should absolutely stay with them this year, since he had gifts under the tree and family around him ❤

So Alexandra got to hand out the presents this year, and there were quite alot of them as you can see. They both got what they wished for and i’m so happy for them.

Alexandra has been longing for one of those Hatchimals so Mommo and Mosar back in Sweden made sure she got one!

Now back at home making room for all the new things. This plave is way to small, and hopefully and maby we’ll find some place bigger soon 😄

bye for now 😘


Now is the time to visit Valletta. With all the decorations are up, have to go back someday and see when it is a bit darker too. Ot’s said to be beautiful!

This enormous christmas tree made out of Maltese glass bulb is just absolutely stunning!

What is your favourit place to go in Valletta?


If you haven’t been there i strongly recomend it. It is such a beautiful island and i get amazed everytime i go. Only been there 3 times so far but the views from wherever you are located are mindblowing!

Have a look here, pictures from Ramla Bay, the Salt Pans and a view from the ferry back to Malta.

And that’s just a few picture, so make sure to pay Gozo a visit, and don’t forget to buy some salt from the Salt pans aswell! They collect it right there, filles up the pans with seawater and after 7 days he can collect his salt, amazing!

Bye! =D